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Upper East Side

Hunter's Apartments at 79th Street are located at 334 East 79th Street and are just a few blocks away from Hunter College.


Apartments at 79th Street are open-floor plan 4-person quads, 3-person triples, and 6-person suites with no private bedrooms. 


79th Street Apartments

Apartment amenities include: kitchen with appliances, dining table and chairs, full shared bathroom(s), air conditioning & heat, A TV with cable & internet, 3-seat sofa, small dressers, and bunked twin-XL beds

ROOM TYPE:  Shared
BATHROOM: Ensuite shared


3-person apartment/1 bath: $15,591-16,081

3-person apartment/2 bath: $16,265-16,485

4-person apartment/1 bath: $14,574-16,081

4-person apartment/2 bath: $16,265-16,485

6-person apartment/2 bath: $16,265-16,485

* Individual pricing is dependent on bed space in the apartment assigned

** All occupancy license agreements are for the full academic year with full payment arrangements due prior to check-in

*** Costs subject to change at any time

Building Amenities


 Elevator Access

Outdoor Patio

Mounted TVs

24/7 Security



Download the MyMagicPass app


Check available washer and dryers on the app


See busy/free times


Add Funds


Submit a service request

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Getting Around

Hunter College is close-by, only an 18-minute walk. 


77th Street station (4 & 6 Train) is located just 8-minutes from the entrance of the building.  


72nd Street Station (Q Train) is located just 9-minutes.

Image by Maddi Bazzocco

Grocery Stores

Gristedes: 5 minute walk

Eli's  Market: 8 minute walk

Target Grocery: 15 minute walk

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